TV-Ständer für den Außenbereich

TV-Ständer für den Außenbereich

There are few weatherproof Outdoor-TV stand for the outdoor environment on the market and they are very expensive. The main problem is that, it has very high requirements on materials and must pass the outdoor anti-rust, salt spray, anti-ultraviolet treatment.


The Outdoor TV brackets have a similar shape to the indoor style bracket. The stand is fixedly connected to the bottom plate, the TV is fixed on the bracket, and the bottom plate is fixed on the ground. If the indoor TV stand is used outdoors, it will cause many problems, and the service life will be shortened. Shortening, and there is a safety risk. Our outdoor TV stand is suitable for all outdoor TVs on the market. In the case of replacing the TV, you do not need to replace the bracket and use it again.

Dieser TV-Ständer hat ein universelles Design mit VESA-Kompatibilität für Fernseher bis zu 600 x 400, passend für 32″ & 75″ Outdoor-TV und Gehäuse, Abmessungen 150 x 68 x 35 cm (59″ x 26.7″ x 13.7″)

Our products is to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies of the existing TV stand. The best Outdoor-TV-Gehäuse mount to provide a multi-functional outdoor TV stand.

TV-Ständer für den Außenbereich

Bequemer für den Umzug

Outdoor TV floor stand, it is really very practical! It is more convenient to move and disassemble. If the courtyard garden is large, you can move it to any position, such as beside the swimming pool. Where children play, and it is more stable when moving. When we want to watch TV, we can move the TV floor bracket in the corner, so that we don’t have to turn our head to watch TV and enjoy the shocking visual experience brought by TV.

Stärkere Tragfähigkeit

Our outdoor TV stand, it has undergone very strict tests. Made by the super-hard steel, its load-bearing performance is very strong. For 86-inch TVs, it can bear the load stably, and there is no need to worry about it in daily use. Tilt, fall, etc. This TV stand adopts a double-pillar design, which can well share the weight of the TV.

Sicher und schön

The TV stand supports fixed hole installation, you can lock it with screws. Which can effectively prevent bumps and injuries and protect children. At the same time, it adopts a very smooth and simple design concept, with smooth and elegant lines, which is especially suitable for garden courtyards.